Vaping Etiquette

Learning about vaping etiquette is an important first step for beginners. Because vaping does not release tobacco smoke the way a cigarette does, many people are uncertain of what the right approach is when it comes to vaping around others. Cigarette smokers will know that smoking can be an irritant to others, but not everyone appreciates the fact that vaping can also be an irritant to many people. Just because you love the flavor you are enjoying does not mean everyone else feels the same way, and etiquette is an important lesson in the journey when it comes to vaping for beginners.

When You Don’t Need to Be Concerned

When you vape in your own home you don’t need to worry about etiquette: there is little risk you will annoy anyone else. Vapors cannot travel very far, so it is extremely unlikely your neighbor will notice your vaping, whereas smoking a cigarette inside your own home can easily be noticed by neighbors if they live in close proximity.

It is a similar situation in wide open spaces: because your vapor won’t travel far you do not really run the risk of annoying anyone. This changes once an open space is filled with people. For example, in a crowd, other people can be in close enough proximity to notice the emissions from a vaporizer. Just use your common sense.

Enclosed Places and Transit

Vaping in an enclosed space is a big no-no. This includes areas such as movie theatres, where a thick cloud of vapor will not be welcomed. Even in restaurants, you are discouraged from vaping as it can interfere with the eating experience of other diners. Some venues may allow vaping, but you should not assume that this is the case and city and state rules can vary widely. You are safer stepping outside if in doubt.

Currently, the laws on vaping on public transport is not fully developed, but it is strongly against social etiquette to vape when you are on a bus or on a train. You will definitely not be allowed to vape on an aircraft.

Children and Pets

Though vaping does not pose the same health risks to children as smoking does, many people would discourage you from vaping around children. Indeed, there are some concerns about the substances released in vapor, so you may want to think twice before you vape around your children. There are no proven health risks, but there are some unknowns. Secondly, some people feel it sets a bad example.

The nicotine in e-liquids are poisonous to pets, so keep your pet away from spills. Be aware the propylene glycol can be harmful to cats, so take care not to smoke too close to your cat, or to release a lot of vapor in an enclosed room when your cat is in the room too.